Super Marché: An Online Shop for French Vintage


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Super Marché by SFGirl by Bay

Few French things inspire awe in foreigners like its many culinary gifts, its fashion designers and its great thinkers, save for perhaps its home goods. Every out-of-town visitor I’ve ever hosted has wanted to pick up vintage table linens, antique dishware and cutlery, and especially armchairs, China hutches, weathered mirrors and other decorative pieces that they wouldn’t be able to find at home.

Fortunately for those who can’t make it to France but want to integrate French lifestyle touches into their own homes, there is Super Marché, a new project and online shop from Victoria Smith, bestselling author and creator of the popular blog SF Girl by Bay.  As she explains it, she’s long been a flea market fan and often peruses the markets near her home in the Bay Area on the weekend. “My mom used to have an antique store so I guess my love of vintage treasures is kind of in my genes!” she told me.

The collection currently available on Super Marché is the result of a massive shopping trip to France with her friend Laurie Furber of Elsie Green. They teamed up to curate a selection of items specifically with Victoria’s readers in mind and will continue to add new pieces with each subsequent shopping adventure (spoiler: she just returned from another one!). While most of the pieces are French, you will find a smattering of handmade goods from California flea markets and from Victoria’s travels to Morocco and beyond.

Here is a little teaser of some of the items you might find on Super Marché.

Super Marché Victoria Smith table Super Marché Victoria Smith rack
Match Strikers Super Marché
Vintage Stools Super Marché
French Vintage Armchair Vintage basket